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DATE: 23 October 2023 | TIME: 6pm to 9pm | VENUE: 1800 Main St Dallas, TX

Join us for an Incredible Evening of Networking & Deals


Why You
Should Attend

In 2004, a man named John Phillips sat in a room just like ours, and decided to write a $150,000 check for a small startup that was poised to take on the world of online selling. The company he invested in? Shopify. His networth today exceeds $4 Billion.

In 2009, a gentleman by the name of Travis had a chance to pitch his startup idea at a similar event to a small group of investors. Another gentleman, Jason Calacanis, was in that room and pledged $25,000 to the young mobility startup. Just ten years later, Uber went public, and Mr. Calacanis’ investment soared to be worth over $100 Million.

Angel Investors Network has been helping investors get access to deals like these since 1997. While not all rising stars can become unicorns, we know that a few of them will hit home runs and make their investors very happy and wealthy in the process. In the past few years alone, over 120 companies have graced our stages, and many of these are already showing incredible promise.

This is the
Room to be in

But even more so than just seeing startup deals, our members and attendees enjoy something even more valuable than simply making money. 

The connections and network our members have built over the years from our events and club are worth a lifetime of investment opportunities!

Our stages and audiences are filled with everyone from TV celebrities like Kevin Harrington from Shark Tank and Bethenny Frenkel of Desperate Housewives, to business moguls such as Steve Forbes and John Mackey. Scattered amongst these are exceptional business owners, investors, and executives from all walks of life, each successful in his or her own right.

You see, being in the right room
can make all the difference in the world.

Do Deals With People You Trust

And that is why you want to be in this room. When it comes to building wealth, creating a legacy, making the world a better place, or simply having fun helping companies grow, one thing is for certain: the best deals are the ones done with a trusted group of peers and advisors.

That is what being at an Angel Investors Network event means; being in the right room, with the right people, all seeing the same deals. It is the collective wisdom of the room that ensures the success of any deal we invest in, and with our vetted opportunities coming your way, and our co-investment model, your chances of succeeding are exponentially higher than if you did ventured out on your own.

Register today, and join us at our next pop up for free!

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1800 Main St
Dallas, TX
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