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Imagine stepping into a realm where the most insightful business owners, visionary executives, shrewd fund managers, and discerning investors gather—a sanctuary where the secrets of enduring wealth-building are shared with those bold enough to seek them.

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What we do

We unite CEOs, Executives, Entrepreneurs, Investors and Fund Managers, empowering them to build generational wealth through effective wealth transfer.

Jeff Barnes
CEO, Angel Investors Network


Our Showcase

Our clients have generated over $1 billion in capital, transforming numerous founders into 8-figure entrepreneurs. We assess, guide, and invest in hundreds of private opportunities.


Augury provides machine health diagnostics designed to help reduce downtime and increase supply chain resilience. Early-stage investors got in when the company was valued at less than $10 Million and it is currently valued at over $1 Billion, a 100x increase in value!


Betterview is a property intelligence platform that assists property insurers in analyzing, scoring, managing, and monitoring property risk. Early investors engaged at less than a $5M Valuation, and that has seen a 10x increase in value.


RealWear is the global leader in assisted reality head-mounted displays for frontline workers. Early investors enjoyed a 100x increase as the company is now worth upwards of $500M after raising $126.8 Million.


Celsius sought out our investors when shares were a mere 5 cents each. Since then, shares have sky-rocketed to $101, marking an astonishing 202,000% increase in valuation.


Your success are our top priority!​

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Co-Invest with Members

We partner with our members, co-invest in deals, build wealth and have fun in the process. If you are ready to build your wealth, legacy, and network, then this is the right place for you.
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Profit while having fun!

Join our private Mastermind events at exclusive resorts and retreats, where you'll network with Celebrities, Business Icons, Investors, and more. Here, we strike deals and create extraordinary opportunities!
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100+ Recognized Industry Leaders.

3 Live Events Annually. 1 Exclusive Community.

Your Mastermind Membership Includes

High Quality Deal Screening
Access to All AIN Deal Rooms
Access to a Global Network of Investors
Quarterly mastermind meetings at private venues
Monthly mastermind calls with experts
MIC Monthly Newsletter with investing and Business growth strategies
Optional listing as an advisor and sponsor in our member directory
Our Exclusive Mastermind Newsletter
Monthly Investor Round-tables
First Look at Investment Deals
Monthly mastermind calls with experts
High Quality Deal Screening and Value Builder Training Programs Semi-annual Luxury Retreats
Bring Your Own Opportunities Present Your Own Opportunities/
Access to our private funds and syndications!
Quarterly mastermind meetings at private venues and so much more...


Being a part of the MIC has been an incredible experience. What Jeff and his team at Angel Investors Network have created is truly remarkable, and being a part of their events, networking, and getting access to the deal flow and Rolodex is an unparalleled opportunity.

Bernt Ullman

Bernt Ullman

CEO, Celebrity Lifestyle Brand

The Mastermind Investment Club is seriously unlike any other private club I’ve been in. The people there are incredible – they come from all sorts of industries and backgrounds and are very accomplished and knowledgeable. Whenever we have our meetings, I’m blown away by the amount of wisdom in the room. We share all kinds of cool ideas about investment strategies, what’s hot in the market, and exciting business opportunities. It’s been such a game-changer for my own investments, and I’ve made some great friends along the way too!

Greg Writer

Greg Writer

CEO, Launch Cart

I’ve been a member of The Mastermind Investment Club for over a year now, and I can honestly say that it’s been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. The people in this club are incredible – they come from all walks of life, but they’re all passionate about investing and helping each other succeed. I have final found the perfect place to bring all my deal to. If your serious about investing this is the group for you

Spook Span

Spook Span

Title to go here

The Mastermind Investment Club is the bomb. Seriously. The people in this club are next level – they’re all hustlers and visionaries who are always on the lookout for the next big thing. Plus, the deal flow is insane. I’ve been able to get in on some early-stage investments that have turned out to be huge winners. If you’re looking to level up your investing game, you need to join The Mastermind Investment Club. It’s the real deal.

JD Wolf

JD Wolf

Lawyer, Cowboy, Whiskey, Philanthropist

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